VONINO Corporation is an American holding company, responsible for global marketing of digital products, which provides electronic products from consumer, commercial, industrial & lifestyle applications. It has developed into one of the fastest growing OEM/ODM manufacturers, engaged in the production of Tablet PCs, smart phones, GPS Navigation, MP3 players, USB disks and computer accessories.


About the project

Is a technology manufacturer of affordable smartphones, tablets, laptops and IoT gadgets.
With a great focus in innovation, they aim high and they bring new age technology to the market at a very balanced price.
Our partnership includes of handling all of their e-commerce platforms, some campaigns, video animations and also cool apps dedicated to their IoT devices and their customer support platform.

What we do

Managed services



Custom Web App's




Florentin-Catalin Dumitru, Marketing Manager

"The Scriptics Team is every project manager’s dream: it covers the whole range of developers, the work is delivered on time, everything is made to last. Literally an A+ task-force!"

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