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We are Scriptics!
Our secret is simple: Coffee, friendship and hard work!


Co-Founder & CEO

I’ve got a bachelor degree in Management, masters degrees in Finance and European Projects and I use them to decorate a shelf. I’ve co-founded an IT company in 2012 named Scriptics and I’ve been working 16h a day ever since (that’s for all you cats that want to become company owners). Don’t! It’s a trap :)


Co-founder & C.O.O.

Ionel has an engineering degree in Computer Science and in 2013 co-founded the company alongside Vali. He's a fitness buff and Crossfit is his game, thus he spends most of his early mornings in the gym. His responsibilities in the company include managing part of the Scriptics projects and making sure that they are delivered on time. He's also involved in customer interaction and contract negotiations.


Chief Technology Officer

Alin is the one that brings order to our chaotic group (and the only one that Vali actually listens to). He’s a meticulous back-end and front-end developer and the guy that is responsible to some degree for every project we’ve ever launched. His hobbies are: football, getting stuff and people organized. He’s also secretly in love with PHP. Scriptics is fortunate to have him.


DevOps Engineer

Also known as Grumpy, Cosmin is always with a smile within, rarely visible but at the same time, he’s a joy to work with and usually tends to have the most mature approach to things. Linux is his passion and I think it’s safe to say that he loves what he’s doing here since he has been with us for a long time. His hobbies are: being stubborn, cooking gulyás, eating gulyás and watching football + DB.


Back-end developer

Gio with all her grace and good manners never ceases to amaze us with her personality, problem solving skills and her quick turn-arounds for completing tasks. She tends to apologize for everything, although she rarely needs to, but it’s her shyness and manners that make her a great person to work with. She loves flowers and PHP which might be an odd combination but that’s as much as we have on her… she tends to keep to herself. :)


Support manager / Coder / M.C.

The life of any party, even the ones he’s not invited to, a brilliant mathematician with a good grasp on algorithms, he’s kind of a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde combination. The Hyde part can be seen in parties and heard in voice notes on our WhatsApp group. Not to mention that he has a master’s degree in Mathematics and Informatics and an he is a wine connoisseur. Hobbies: solving problems, creating problems.


Front-end developer

Diana started off as an assistant manager, then she took the role of project manager (which she hated) and after a long journey she spent a year of her life studying to become a front-end developer, role that she occupies right now. She is a P.R. graduate and helps Vali with marketing, bringing in customers, ironing clothes and taking care of their little Pug, one might say that these two are having a relationship or something. :)


Creative mind

Talented individual with a narcissistic disorder that we’ve come to like. He’s the only Apple fanboy on the team and so far it’s the only thing that we dislike about him. If you want to get a sense of what he’s capable of, he played a big part in designing this website that you are on right now. Cool, ha? His hobbies are: taking selfies, watching his selfies, thinking about his selfies and finding ways to make himself cooler. Kind of a shy Barney from How I met your mother :)

Marius Alin

Developer / SEO Consultant

We never call him Alin, as that upsets our CTO, thus he became Marius (aka Not Alin). He gave up his career in Marketing to take up coding and he tends to be the Jack of all trades (not always a positive thing). His imposing stature does not translate to his character, as he is easy to work with and a cool guy to hang around. Not to mention that he knows SEO better that all of us put together and that counts a lot. His hobbies are: chilling, listening to music (metal head), growing his beard :)


Back-end Developer

We've got to know Irina through our 'Scriptics Minions' interns projects. She immediately caught our eyes because she was the only one with working experience (she previously worked in Ireland at an IT company). A native back-end developer with great work ethic and good attitude. She's also terribly shy, like all the ladies in our office, but we got used to having smart, reliable and shy girl coders around so she fits right in. :)


Junior Front-end Developer

Bia was on the internship program back in 2016 where she had such a great time that she decided to come back 'for good' in 2017, she was practically at every event and company gathering anyhow so our feeling is that her internship lasted about an year. She's fun, very vocal but very determined and eager to improve and learn as much as possible.

Andrei C.

Back-end Wizard

He's a naval architect by profession, we believe that Vali hired him because he thought that he had docker knowledge :)
Actually he's a PHP, .NET and DB architect with a great sense of planning and very good execution.
Special talents: He can speak moldovan language without realizing it.

Puggy Sue

VP of cuteness

Puggy has been with Scriptics for all her life (3y now). Her role in the first months was getting stepped on by accident, sleeping, eating, making a mess and barking during conference calls.
She goes by many nicknames but just to name a few: Buggy, Pugster, The Pugminator, Pugly, Pugozaour, etc.
Programing languages: dot.NOT, PuggyScript, PugQuery
Favorite operating system: PugOS
Hobbies: talking (aka barking), sleeping, waking Vali up when he’s sleeping, eating, shedding hair.

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