We design buildings that will last a lifetime. We are a group of inspired, passionate individuals, who for 25 years have been pursuing one goal - to make people feel special. We are a diverse bunch, but at our core, we share the same desire - To create exquisitely crafted garden sheds, gazebos, cabanas, and cabins that will provide a lifetime of memories and enjoyment.


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This website is one of our greatest achievement as a company, anything that you might dream of from a front-end perspective, you will most likely find in this 100+ page website.
Home Décor Corp, the parent company of the SummerWood brand has been responsible of building, designing and delivering quality wood constructions for 25 years in Canada and in the United States.
This website is a statement of their greatness and their incredible history of thousands of successful projects and customers.


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Peter Harvey, President and CEO

"Any customer would be very happy with the services provided by the Scriptics team. They are a wonderful group of skilled, caring, and attentive people.”

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