Avigora offers you a formula of serious clairvoyance. At Avigora, we look above all for quality in clairvoyance, which is why we choose only the best clairvoyants, mediums and astrologers. Each counselor has a course of his own and specialties that we invite you to discover by consulting the presentation of each of our clairvoyants. Some use supports such as the pendulum, the tarot of Marseilles, the Oracle of Ge or the Oracle of Belline, others are pure mediums. If the choice of a counselor seems difficult and you are lost in the specialties of each one, do not hesitate to call us so that we help you to choose the adviser most adapted to your needs.


About the project

A platform that gathers professionals from many fields under the same umbrella to offer a full consultancy website, their application includes multiple methods of contact, including video chat with the consultants.
We have been contracted do refresh their homepage and help out with design services.


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